The world's best-connected airports for 2018

Getting Handsy with Landmarks: It’s time to leave the Leaning Tower, Lady Liberty, and the pyramids alone. The Internet is plagued with people pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa over (or trying to push it back up) and poking and pinching everything from the Statue of Liberty to the moon. And while making the Jet d’Eau in Geneva spout out of your mouth is slightly more creative, it’s also a great way to throw out your back—and get in the way of everyone else trying to actually enjoy these attractions.
Built in 1385, this moated castle in East Sussex in England looks like a fairytale scene, trapped in amber. Visit Bodiam Castle and let the scenery and a tour carry you back to medieval times. And don’t miss seeing one of southeast England’s largest bat roosts here, too.
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