This Freeloading Bird Tried to Catch a Cross-country Flight Without Paying for a Ticket

You know the old lyrics: “Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.” Of course, most birds don’t fly coach.

United passenger Jasreen Gupta caught a video of a tiny bird that managed to board her flight from San Francisco to Newark on Friday morning. Without a ticket, no less.

According to NBC New York, passengers on United Flight 1796 were told the flight was delayed due to “maintenance issues.” But as Gupta’s video shows, the real issue was catching this zippy little bird. According to Gupta’s Twitter feed, passengers were more entertained than annoyed by the delay.

Gupta added on Twitter that the bird was caught in a crew member’s hat. NBC New York reported that it was safely released outside. Sorry, bird, no bags of mini pretzels for you.

“Our employees safely removed the little bird who apparently wanted to check out our big metal bird in San Francisco,” a United spokesperson told NBC New York.

That bird will just have to find some other way to get to the Big Apple.

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