Travel blogger branded ‘selfish’ after sharing lavish holiday snap – can you see why?

When social media influencers upload travel snaps online, it’s not always the most relatable content.

While some share pictures of themselves at the world’s fanciest hotels, others whizz around in their very own private jets.

As this is so common on Instagram, users have stopped batting an eyelid at the attention-grabbing posts.

But Harimao Lee changed this after she posted a photo from a plush plane cabin.

So you see why the image has caused so much controversy?

The blogger, who has 127,000 fans, recently documented her flight from Hong Kong to Rome.

In typical show-off style, she shared a picture of herself reclining in Business Class with a glass of champagne.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t actually what ended up irritating her followers.

Many ridiculed the Instagram star for wrapping herself in fairy lights during the flight.

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While an impressive 16,000 people liked the social media post, the reaction wasn’t all positive.

Some commenters couldn’t believe that the Instagrammer had boarded a plane with her own plug-in lights.

One responder wrote: “First off. With those bright lights in the plane, it would diminish the light that you would perceive outside the plane.

“Second, the fact that you brought this onto a plane is the epitome of attention seeking behaviour.”

A second branded her a “pretentious idiot”, while another added that the move was “selfish”.

Despite the backlash, some sprang to Harimao’s defence.

One fan said: “Don’t worry if they hate, they probably want to be where you are, with or without lights.

“The picture is beautiful.”

Another agreed:  “Haters will always hate. You just keep being fabulous.”

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