WATCH: Bikini-clad surfer ends up red-faced after wave machine fail

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A woman with bright red hair and a yellow bikini enthusiastically throws herself onto the wave machine in this hilarious clip.

Clad in skimpy swimwear she tries to tackle the powerful waves – but it doesn't end well.

Lying on her stomach, the young woman shoots down the fake wave before crashing into the safety matt at the bottom.

Undeterred by her setback she grabs hold of the board and attempts to push back into the gushing water.

But the powerful jets spin her around before pushing her – bottom up – into the side.

The fast-flowing water also causes her bikini to come loose and she has to adjust her swimwear several times.

However, the determined surfer gives it one more shot. Unfortunately her indoor surfing days come to an abrupt end as she is thrown over the top of the contraption and as a lifeguard comes to her rescue.

The funny fail has gone viral online since being uploaded to Youtube last week.

If adrenaline activities are your thing you might want to test out the world's highest waterslide.

Opened in July 2010, the Verruckt includes a near-vertical drop which is the equivalent of 17 storeys.

The knee-knocking attraction in Kansas City, USA, is the highest waterslide in the world, measuring a whopping 51.38 meters.

And in a death-defying video, two men throw themselves down it at a heart-thumping 70mph.

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