Luxury shopping pursuits in Koh Samui

Visiting the luxurious isle of Koh Samui will be an experience you’ll want to pack with things you’ve never done before. However, no luxury holiday is complete without a touch of shopping. The shops in Koh Samui are unique and have a distinctly island feel but here we’re looking at three fantastic shopping districts that have a distinctly Thai feel.

Chaweng Walking Street

Chaweng Beach is probably the most populous shopping area of Koh Samui and offers a range of different types of shop and stall. Chaweng Walking Street gives you the option to indulge in exotic cocktails as you browse and take in the vibrant array of scents, sights and sounds on offer.

Many of the stalls are manned by owners ready to haggle so be ready to fight for the best price and walk away with a range of fashion items and more. Mixed in between the clothes stalls are a range of food stands selling Thai treats from sticky rice to spicy griddled squid. As you stroll down Chaweng Walking Street you’ll have new sensations coming at you from every angle. Every stall holder plays their own music and although haggling takes place it’s a very friendly shopping district. It is a frenetic experience but lots of fun and it’s likely you’ll enjoy chilling out in your luxury villa even more after the fast-paced frenzy of Chaweng.

Buddy Oriental Plaza

The Buddy Oriental Plaza looks a little more like a traditional shopping mall, although it still has a Thai appearance and style. It adopts a post-colonial design architecturally and it’s a very calm, relaxing alternative to the hustle and bustle of Chaweng. Many Western brands have found their way into this plaza, with many imported goods on offer. It’s your best bet if you’re homesick and looking for familiar brands but there are also plenty of Thai delights to sample.

Bophut Plaza

Bophut Plaza is a small yet unique collection of boutiques and shops. It is home to a range of bohemian sellers and stalls, including fine artists, textiles sellers and you’ll find many traditional Thai products for sale here. It’s an ideal place to visit if you’re looking for authentic souvenirs such as hand-woven wall hangings and hand-crafted statues and masks. Much like Chaweng you will find a wide range of food stalls too.

Although shopping may not be the first thing on your mind as you head off to the luxury of your own private Thai holiday but chances are the time will come where you need to pick up something or want a memento of your trip. There are many markets and shopping areas which offer both quality and variety.

Mark Cox is Director at Samui Island Villas.

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