Neyk: the world’s most luxurious submarine

If you’re considering buying the perfect toy for your that special someone in your life or yourself, then you can be sure you’ll make a splash with the remarkable, bespoke submarine: Neyk. This is officially the best private luxury toy I have discovered to date. Ocean Submarines say that Neyk will be available from early 2018.

A collaboration with Rolls-Royce, Bosch and MTU

Ocean Submarines have collaborated with other engineering visionaries such as Rolls-Royce, Bosch and MTU to bring Neyk to you. The submarine is the result of this collaboration over a period of eight years.

The 19-metre long, 100-ton underwater vessel is capable of carrying as many as 12 passengers. The airplane-style cabin comes complete with a full bar, leather seats, library and galley, all of which will be kitted out to suit your personal style. The interior will be fashioned by master craftsmen ensuring a superb end-result. When you order your Neyk, you’ll be able to instruct the technicians about your bespoke requests for your personal submarine usage.

Go exploring shipwrecks

Once you have your new Neyk, entertaining on a yacht may start to seem a little “last season” to you. However before instructing the technicians be sure to consider how you imagine yourself and your guests using the submarine.

It may be important to integrate a pressure chamber to allow divers to leave and enter under water. It could also be nice to have extra cameras and searchlights, which can be integrated with large flat screens, so you don’t miss the wonderful underwater world outside. If you see yourself exploring shipwrecks then you’ll want to order special electronics also. Or maybe you just want to go faster; then ask the technicians to include more power.

A decadent bespoke interior

The interior design is naturally decadent. So all you have to do is make sure it matches your own personality and style. Its cabin, which includes six large viewing ports, is as wide as a Gulfstream jet. Features that you will need to decide on include the decor of the library, the large tables, the gallery which comes with crystal drinkware, the large leather seats and the marble-topped cabinet. Other considerations are the possibility of a diver airlock and a disappearing flat-screen television.

The most fashionable way to turn up on the beach

The Neyk has been developed with the “expertise and stringent requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy” according to Ocean Submarines. It is super maneuverable, in fact in a few seconds it can turn on its own axis. It also has the ability to dive extremely quickly due to control surfaces which the company claim to be “ten times more effective than the conventional cruciform design.” And perhaps one of the most important features, is that if you drop the tripod undercarriage, you can roll Neyk up onto a beautiful beach. This is definitely the most fashionable way to turn up on the beach.

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