Top 3 animal experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand

Visiting the exotic isle of Koh Samui in Thailand gives you the chance to enjoy experiences that you can’t elsewhere. The natural beauty of the island is best enjoyed from the comfort of your own private villa rental but whilst you’re out and about you can also get into the thick of it and experience things that are impossible back home.

The wildlife native to Koh Samui won’t disappoint and as such a busy tourist destination there are plenty of custom-designed animal based experiences throughout the holiday season. You can enjoy experiences that are part and parcel of the luxury, exotic holiday package and meet some fascinating creatures you won’t find elsewhere. Here are five fantastic luxury adventures you can enjoy in Koh Samui.

Jungle Safari Tour

Saying you’ve been on safari is a very clear indicator of the level of luxury you enjoy in your life. This exhilarating tour begins aside one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Koh Samui and you can enjoy the tour atop an elephant as you trek to meet other fascinating creature from baby elephants, to crocodiles and wild monkeys. You can enjoy the undeniably picturesque scenery of Koh Samui and take some snaps you’ll never forget. End the tour by the beach with a seafood lunch.

Samui Aquarium and Tiger Show

Enjoy a unique close-up view of both tigers and the natural fish species of Thailand in Hua Thanon. Get up close with a range of marine life you may never see elsewhere and afterwards there’s the chance to watch the majestic Bengal tigers at play.

The Samui Aquarium features almost every sea life creature and fish native to the Gulf of Thailand from nurse sharks to manta rays and schools of vibrant tropical fish. Visitors can even get involved with feeding the sea turtles.
The next step is onto the zoo where the Bengal tigers prowl but you can also see leopards and other wild creatures. Daily live shows show off the strength and agility of these magnificent beasts.

Angthong National Marine Park Sea Safari

Visiting Angthong Marine Park will show you the natural wonders of the life living under the seas in Thailand. Angthong Marine Park covers three separate islands and when you book a sea safari you can travel to them all. Visit Wao Island, Mae Kho Island and Tai Phow Island and enjoy their breath taking views and fascinating sea life. There’s the chance to kayak and indulge in some sports too. You can also incorporate elephant trekking into a sea safari if you want to. Alternatively take advantage of the latest trend in massage and enjoy a luxurious fish foot spa.

Enjoying the natural side of Koh Samui will show the island to you in a completely different light. You can enjoy the nightlife and your luxury villa, but you can also see the green side of things.

Mark Cox is Director at Samui Island Villas.

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