Top 5 photography tips for your beach holiday

A beach vacation is perfect for so many reasons. The open sea, the fresh air, the cool blue waters and the soothing sand transport your body and soul to another dimension – one where time is not counted by the hour but the number of waves reaching the shoreline. It is great to go on a family beach vacation – the kids have fun, the adults get to relax under the sun. Beach vacations are great for honeymooners too. After all, enjoying a quite walk on the beach basking in the moonlight is a perfect setting for romance. And in the midst, catching a quite moment for yourself during the sunset makes you want to stop and think about the journey called life.

What’s also nice about beaches? They are the best setting for beautiful photographs that make wonderful memories. But not everyone gets it right. Sometimes the photos are overexposed because of direct sunlight. Other times they are too dark when you are against the sun. So how can you make your beach vacation picture perfect? Here are some tips

1. Wear the right coloured clothes

Most beach ads have a few things in common – you’ll see people mostly wearing colours that complement the surroundings. In the case of Andaman, turquoise, emerald, jade, sapphire and blue skies along with skin tones like peaches and earthy light browns work quite well.

The one colour you can’t go wrong with, though, is white. Instead of making things look like a uniform, pick one strong colour and have everyone choose their style around it. Practically, you’ll need to carry an extra set of clothes so that once you are done with the shoot, you can feel free to roll down and get wet.

2. Choose the right time of the day

Sunrises and sunsets are the best time of the day for beach photography. The golden light creates a perfect ambience for ‘moment’ photographs – where you capture the mood and moment perfectly. Besides, as the colour of the sky and water changes, you never know what gem you’ll capture. This is the time when you can take frame-worthy photographs.

Sunrises are generally better because many people don’t make it to the beach that early and you get to have an unspoilt background. If you are at the beach during the day when the sun is shining brightly, it’ll be difficult to avoid harsh shadows. There are two general work-arounds – one is to use fill flash which will bounce off the subject’s face. The other is to shoot in black and white which gives a great feel to the photo.

3. Choose your inspiration

There is a reason Instagram exists – it is for your inspiration. From beach jumpies to a family line walking towards the water, there are classic beach photographs where you can look for composition ideas. While candid works great, you can always be inspired by photos that instantly attract you and recreate it. You can save these photos on your phone to keep them handy. You can also pick subjects from the beach like birds, crabs and shells and create photo stories around them.

Some stories are created around the rain, some around sand castles, some made jumping around the waves, some are made around the patterns on the sand dunes. Pick your story lines to find interesting photography ideas.

4. Head to the beach when others avoid it

Though summer and beaches are synonymous, it isn’t the best combination for photography when the teeming millions seem to be in your background. It is best to pick a part of the beach where you won’t have too many people (or better yet, no one) accidentally entering your frame.

Rains and clouds, for example, drive many people away from the beach but there is a certain fun and romance in having bright umbrellas in the gloomy set up. Night is again a great time to capture the beach in all its beauty. It does require both specialized skills and equipment to get this right but patience does pay off when you see the results.

5. Get a professional photographer for the shoot

Sometimes selfies just don’t cut it. And why leave someone out of frame? The best way to capture your candid beach moments is to hire a professional photographer to execute the shoot. Now all you need is to get dressed, keep everyone well fed and hydrated before the shoot and show up with a smile.

Discuss in advance what types of photos you want and how everyone can work together to get the right results. It will cost a bit of money but it’ll get you a treasure trove of photographs that are oh-so-instagramable and frame-able that you’ll be glad you did it.

Rathnam Rathnasamy is the Founder of Andaman Holidays.

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