Alaska Airlines Announces Priority Boarding for Passengers With Starbucks Cups

Alaska Airlines announced that customers who are boarding their flights with a Starbucks holiday cup would receive priority boarding for a limited time.

Running between November 7-10, any Alaska Airlines passenger who boards a flight with a hot or iced Starbucks drink served in a holiday cup can board their plane with the special “espresso” line.

Travelers who aren’t patient enough to drink their coffee after they board will still receive priority boarding if the cup is empty. Before passengers get too excited, they will still be forced to board after first-class passengers and those with special boarding designations.

In addition, Alaska Airlines customers at airports in San Francisco, Atlanta and Minneapolis-St. Paul can still enjoy the early boarding with a holiday cup sleeve in place of a festive cup itself.

Starbucks debuted its holiday cups at stores across the United States and Canada on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Alaska Airlines also announced the launch of a new partnership with global surf forecasting site Surfline that offers Swell Deals, a system of discounts to and from Hawaii based on wave heights.

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