Allegiant to Provide Free Safety Kits to All Passengers

Low-cost airline Allegiant announced Sunday it would provide complimentary health and safety kits to all customers to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Allegiant Chief Operating Officer Scott Sheldon revealed in a letter that kits will be distributed to customers as they board their flights, with each including a single-use face mask, a pair of disposable non-latex gloves and cleaning wipes.

The new health and safety kits will be rolled out through the airline’s network this week.

“Our 4,500 Allegiant team members across America are — as always — one hundred percent focused on making sure your travels are as safe and seamless as possible,” Sheldon said in a statement. “Whether you need to travel today, or are looking ahead to future vacations and long-overdue visits, we understand that your decision to travel is personal, and many factors are involved.”

“And we know that a healthy environment is at the top of that list,” Sheldon continued. “It’s personal, and it’s critical — for you, and for our dedicated crew members who fly every day.”

Allegiant has also implemented other enhanced onboard and in-terminal health and safety measures, including cleaning and disinfection, air purity, low-touch service initiatives aimed at preventing cross-contamination and social distancing efforts.

Earlier this week, Spirit and Hawaiian airlines became two of the latest carriers in the United States to mandate that passengers must wear facial protection.

American, Delta and United airlines all announced last week they will now require passengers to wear face masks on all flights, joining fellow carriers JetBlue and Frontier in combating the spread of coronavirus.

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