Delta Launches Innovative Solution for Pet Travel

Delta becomes the first in the industry to introduce a new best-in-class travel experience for pets and their owners with the exclusive launch of CarePod.

This new pet travel carrier marks a new standard for pet air travel by including state-of-the-art features like real-time updates during the flight.

The CarePod’s other safety features include:

Industrial strength, insulated walls to protect pets from potential temperature fluctuations when moving between different climates and travel conditions.

Multi-layered window and doors with specially angled blinds to block out visual stress from unfamiliar environments.

A built-in hydration system that can hold up to a liter of water that will automatically refill the carrier’s spill-proof water bowl.

A GPS tracking and monitoring system that connects a pet’s journey directly to the specialized Delta Cargo Control Center that will send out the proper staff on the ground to check on the pet if needed.

The ability to view the pet’s travel updates from a mobile phone via

A CarePod pet travel carrier can be booked three to thirteen days prior to departure. The CarePod can be booked by visiting or by calling Delta’s Cargo Customer Service Center at 1-800-352-2746.

The CarePod will initially be offered in U.S. locations: Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York (JFK and LaGuardia), San Francisco and West Palm Beach. Eventually, the goal is to introduce the CarePod across Delta’s U.S. network.

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