Dubai taxi bookings rise 17% to over 12.3m in 2018

Taxi bookings carried out by the Public Transport Agency of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) exceeded 12.3 million bookings in 2018.

Figures revealed a 17 percent rise compared to the 10,573,855 bookings reported in 2017.

The Public Transport Agency also revealed that the average time taken to dispatch taxis to clients last year was 11.35 minutes, with 62 percent made within 10 minutes.

“The Booking & Dispatch Centre aims to improve the number of bookings handled and meet customer needs as quickly as possible,” said Mohammed Nabhan, director of Passenger Transport Activities Monitoring, Public Transport Agency, RTA.

The average time taken to respond to incoming calls at the centre was just 5 seconds in 2018, down from 11.2 seconds in the previous year.

Customer satisfaction ratings rose to 82.6 percent last year, compared with 80.4 percent in 2017, after receiving a total of 6,814,800 calls.

There was also a 77 percent drop in the number of complaints received to 17 compared to 74 complaints in 2017.

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