EasyJet Cyber Attack Impacts Around 9 Million Travelers

Travelers who have flown with EasyJet in the past should be changing their passwords after the airline admitted a cyber-attack impacted around nine million customers.

According to The Guardian, EasyJet officials admitted that email addresses and travel details had been stolen as part of the “highly sophisticated” attack. In addition, around 2,200 customers also had their credit card details “accessed.”

“We take issues of security extremely seriously and continue to invest to further enhance our security environment,” an EasyJet spokesperson said in a statement. “There is no evidence that any personal information of any nature has been misused.”

“However, on the recommendation of the ICO, we are communicating with the approximately nine million customers whose travel details were accessed to advise them of protective steps to minimize any risk of potential phishing,” the statement continued.

The carrier said it learned of the attack in January and informed the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office about the launch of a formal investigation. EasyJet notified all customers who had their credit card information stolen.

The airline notified the public about the breach to warn possibly impacted travelers about their emails and travel details being used in coordinated phishing attacks. The company told customers to be cautious about emails coming from EasyJet or EasyJet Holidays.

In March, Marriott notified some of its guests about a cybersecurity breach that was identified at the end of February, but the illicit activity is believed to have begun in mid-January 2020.

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