Emirates Offers Home Check-In Service Discount to Battle Holiday Crowds

Holiday travel is slowly approaching and some airlines are looking for creative ways to help limit lines at airports or at least help with the holiday rush.

In April, Emirates introduced “Home Check-In,” a service that allows passengers to check-in from wherever they are in Dubai. A check-in agent from Emirates arrives at a passenger’s location to weigh and tag bags, check-in customers, and issue boarding passes. Travelers can then bypass check-in desks at the airport, all for AED 350 or $95 USD.

This holiday season, the UAE carrier said it’s going to cut the price for Home Check-in to AED 250 or $68 USD. They’re hoping to entice more passengers to complete the check-in process before arriving at the airport, thereby limiting the number of customers at the check-in counter.

“This will leave customers traveling during the busy December period free to make their way to the airport at their convenience, skipping the check-in desks, so they can go straight to passport control,” the airline said in a statement.

In December 2017, the Emirates Terminal saw about 420,000 travelers pass through in just three days.

Customers who take advantage of this deal can check-in between two days and 12 hours before departure.

This news follows a recent announcement by TSA, who expects more than 25 million travelers flying for Thanksgiving this year.

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