Emirates passengers suffer injuries during turbulence on Auckland flight

A number of passengers were injured after an Emirates flight between Auckland and Dubai hit severe turbulence, according to media reports.

A report in the UK’s Independent said the incident took place about three hours before flight EK449’s scheduled arrival at 05:35am on Sunday morning.

Footage circulating on social media – claimed to be taken inside the plane following the incident – shows items, including food and bottles, strewn across the business class lounge area of the A380. A trolley can also be seen knocked over on its side in the galley area.

Cabin crew can be seen working to clean up the debris.

In a statement quoted by various news outlets, an Emirates spokesperson said that “unfortunately, a few passengers and crew suffered minor injuries during this incident”.

“First aid was administered and medical assistance was arranged for those who needed it on arrival,” the spokesperson added. “The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is always our top priority.”

The incident comes days after over 30 people were left injured by turbulence on an Air Canada flight operating between Vancouver and Sydney.

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