Finnair content unavailable to Sabre users

Sabre has removed Finnair content from its GDS (except
intra-Europe routes) while the companies negotiate a new commercial agreement. 

The removal happened on Nov. 25, Finnair said. 

“We are extremely sorry about the inconvenience this causes
to travel agents, and we are working to find a solution with Sabre. Meanwhile,
Finnair continues to distribute via all the other GDSs,” the airline said in an
email. “Also, Finnair content is available via selected aggregator platforms
such as Travelfusion and PKfare, and via direct NDC.”

Finnair said that it is seeking to replace its full content agreement
with Sabre with one that will allow it more pricing and distribution freedom in
direct channels as well as content differentiation in indirect channels. 

In October, Finnair launched its NDC Partner Program, which
provides content to participating travel agency partners that isn’t available
on non NDC-supported sales channels. The program began with Finnair’s Finland,
Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany and U.K. networks. Plans call for an eventual
expansion of the program to all of Finnair’s markets, including the U.S.

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