Flight Diverts After Passenger Allegedly Hits Flight Attendant

An unruly passenger on a flight from Indianapolis to Paris caused such a ruckus on Thursday that the flight was diverted to nearby Detroit.

Ian Robert James Morin, who was yelling and acting erratically according to a criminal complaint, also allegedly hit a flight attendant who tried to calm him down. The incident happened shortly after takeoff on Delta Air Lines Flight 500.

The plane was quickly diverted to Detroit metro where the man was arrested.

It is not known whether alcohol was involved or why Morin was acting so strangely, but after allegedly slapping a flight attendant in the throat he vomited in the cabin.

A spokeswoman for the Wayne County (Mich.) Airport Authority provided a written statement to USA Today saying: “On Thursday evening, a Delta flight from Indianapolis to Paris was diverted to Detroit Metropolitan Airport due to a disruptive passenger. Security personnel on board were able to restrain the man until the aircraft landed. The man was taken into custody. The investigation was turned over to the FBI.”

By the time the flight was diverted and Morin was removed, it was too late to resume. Delta put up all the passengers in nearby hotels in Detroit and resumed the flight to Paris on Friday morning.

At about the same time, Morin appeared in federal court and was released on bond.

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