Man Arrested With Loaded Gun at New York’s JFK Airport

A New York City man was arrested last week at John F. Kennedy International Airport after he tried to run past security officers and was discovered to have a loaded gun when detained.

According to the official website of the Transportation Security Administration, an unidentified man entered Terminal 4 Thursday night at around midnight when we failed to provide proper identification after claiming he was a new airport employee.

TSA agents asked to see any form of identification, but when he failed to comply with orders, he ran past the ticket checker and placed his backpack on the X-ray belt. After being instructed to leave the checkpoint, the man grabbed his bag and tried to run through the security scanning device.

Before the man could reach the secure area of the airport terminal, TSA officers blocked his path and escorted him from the checkpoint. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department was called to the scene and arrested the man for having false identification documents.

When the man was finally arrested, officers discovered that he had a 9 mm handgun loaded with three bullets.

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