Passenger Finds Mold in Food Purchased on United Airlines Flight

A passenger on a United Airlines flight reportedly received a meal box that contained a hummus package full of mold.

Jamie Lunde was on United Flight 1613 Sunday when she purchased a Tapas box that contained nuts, hummus, breadsticks and other items. She partially opened the hummus cup and began eating it.

When Lunde removed the entire aluminum foil cover on the hummus container, she discovered the snack was covered in mold, causing her to almost throw up.

As a result, she notified the United flight crew of the incident.

Instead of removing the mold-covered treat, the attendants simply asked for her credit card so she could be refunded.

According to Lunde, she found out a short time later that not only was the refund not processed, but she had actually been charged twice for the meal.

The hummus was included in United’s tapas snack box, which costs $10.

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