Sensors on Dubai’s roads to stop heavy vehicles and improve safety

Hi-tech sensors have been installed on Dubai’s roads in a bid to crack down on overweight heavy vehicles.

The matter used to be tackled manually, but was found to be a hugely time-consuming process, according to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Following a successful pilot project, where a sensor was installed on Al Hatta Road, the RTA has rolled out the sensors across the emirate.

Abdulla Albastaki, director of the monitoring and enforcing department at the licensing agency of the RTA, is quoted in Khaleej Times as saying: “When the vehicle crosses that sensor, it will be able to tell us if it is overweight, which is a safety issue.”

Once the sensor is activated, an alert is sent to the nearest safety vehicle, which will then stop the truck. There is also a drone that can be used to check the height of the vehicle.

Albastaki added: “A robot on the road also signals the vehicle to stop. This enhances efficiency and it helps us capture a lot of data with cameras and technology.”

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