This Airport Lounge Is on the Beach, Making Unexpected Delays a Reason to Celebrate

While it’s true that, yes, travel is more about the journey than the destination, sometimes the journey is harrowing, stressful, and best forgotten afterward. All travelers are forgiven for wishing to spend more time at the destination than journeying. And Virgin Holidays is of the same mindset.

The travel company has launched a new kind of next-level airport lounge, which it announced plans for last year. for those traveling to or from Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados.

Instead of trudging through the nightmare of airport security, travelers who purchase Departure Beach access can circumvent the whole experience. Virgin Holidays will pick up guests at their hotel and bring them directly to Departure Beach (a spot on Brownes Beach). Staff at the lounge assist with check-in and baggage drop.

Guests can spend their time at the lounge eating free lunch, tanning on the beach, or relaxing in the air conditioning (where the lounge is equipped with video games). Wi-Fi extends all the way down to the beach if you wish to spend your last few hours of vacation posting Instagram photos to make your followers jealous.

There are also on-site showers to get rid of the sand before boarding the plane, which staff will escort you to from the lounge.

Access to the Departure Beach is free for guests staying at the Savannah Beach hotel and Virgin Holidays cruise passengers whose trip ends in Barbados. Other travelers who booked their vacation through Virgin Holidays can pay £25 (US$33) for access to the lounge.

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