United cuts Maui flying in half for the next two months

United Airlines has reduced its Maui flying for September and October by approximately half. 

The airline implemented the changes over the weekend, Cirium flight schedule data shows.

Capacity cuts for Maui “have started and will likely continue into the late fall as the island is recovering from extensive wildfire destruction,” the consulting firm Ailevon Pacific predicted Monday in its weekly post on airline schedule changes.

United has thus far kept 122 of the 131 flights it had planned to Maui’s Kahului Airport from its hub in San Francisco during September and October. But the airline has nearly eliminated Maui flights from Denver and Chicago for those two months and has reduced its schedule to Maui from Los Angeles by approximately half, cutting 63 out of the 124 flights it had previously planned.

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Overall, United cut its planned seat count into Maui by 50.9% for September and October, according to Cirium data. The carrier has not changed its Maui schedule for November and beyond.

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