Video Captures Woman Ranting and Using Homophobic Slurs on Flight

A video has gone viral of a woman shouting and swearing on a flight about to land at Los Angeles International Airport.

The clip was filmed on November 2 according to the Mirror, but what flight or airline this occurred on is unclear, as is the reasoning behind the woman’s rant which included swear words, homophobic slurs, and “racially-tinged language” according to the witness who posted the video.

The witness who took the footage said: “Shortly before this video was filmed, she threatened a flight attendant who appeared to come up and try to calm her after other attendants had been unsuccessful.”

The woman can be heard shouting at another passenger and flight attendants for what the witness says was about an hour.

“That flight attendant called for ground control and I assume the police who did end up escorting her off the flight once we landed,” the witness said, according to the Mirror.

This isn’t the only rant in the last month that has gone viral, like the racist rant by a Ryanair passenger in mid-October.

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