VIDEO: Meet Denver International Airport's Conspiracy Gargoyle

Any conspiracy theorist worth their salt knows all about odd rumors surrounding Denver International Airport, but the facility has introduced an interactive gargoyle designed to make light of the situation.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the gargoyle made his debut Thursday and began spouting conspiracy theories and general sarcasm as he roasted travelers walking through his area.

Airport officials taped people’s reactions as they walked by the statue and it interacted with them. The video was posted on the official YouTube page of Denver International Airport and had over 77,000 views as of Friday afternoon.

“Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport,” the gargoyle said, shocking passengers as they kept a safe distance.

The gargoyle claims he is also 243 years old, which is not so coincidentally exactly how long ago Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in 1776. What better place to hide the truth than in plain sight!

“DEN is known for the conspiracies about our airport, and we wanted to find a playful way to embrace the conspiracies,” airport officials told Fox News. “We always strive to win the hearts of our passengers by giving them the unexpected. We hope the gargoyle gave them all a good belly laugh, and more reason to want to travel through DEN.”

For those unaware, Denver International Airport opened in 1995 after several delays and finished at almost $2 billion over budget. With its ties to freemasonry, apocalyptic murals and other odd features, the facility has been a beacon for conspiracies for almost 25 years.

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