WATCH: TSA’s Top 10 Most Unusual Finds of 2019

It’s a difficult and sometimes dangerous job working for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), but some travelers make the situation even harder when they bring banned items through checkpoints.

Each year, the official TSA website gathers the wildest items confiscated by TSA officers around the United States and compiles its Top 10 list of unusual finds. It’s a cross-section of the bad decisions made by Americans at airports every day.

Last week, TSA officials shared a video of their Top 10 list, complete with witty comments about the items and the decision-making abilities of their owners:

Some of the highlights of the video include the confiscation of Samurai Swords at a San Jose airport, a knife-gun in Miami, an airbag from a car and a Blow Dart Gun in Orlando, and a butcher’s knife in Tennessee.

Officers also got more than they bargained for at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey after they found a snake hidden inside the carry-on bag of a passenger coming through security.

As for the No. 1 ranked unusual find, TSA officials said it was a bag of moose poop at Juneau International Airport in Alaska, which the agency described as “‘Number Two’ is number one on our list!”

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