Wife and Stepdaughter of Snoring Man Created Cheeky ‘Care Packages’ With Earplugs for Fellow Passengers

Those who travel with infants likely have seen stories about “apology” baggies distributed to nearby passengers. It’s a preemptive effort to win over fellow passengers’ sympathy, should their baby start crying mid-flight. But one family decided the tradition shouldn’t have an age limit.

Grace Smith and Ros Tattersal knew that Alan Tattersal (their stepfather and husband, respectively) snores — loudly. At home, Grace complained that she could hear her stepfather’s nocturnal nasal noise from her room.

The duo were nervous as Alan embarked on a 32-hour flight from Melbourne, Australia to Houston, Texas. They worried that Al’s loud snoring would disturb the passengers around him.

“He was in full swing one night before he left [to go to Houston], which is what convinced us the packages would be a great idea,” Grace told LADBible.

In the 10 care packages, they placed two candy bars, a pair of earplugs and a handwritten note which read “We thought you might be in need of a little assistance if Alan falls asleep – so hope this little care package helps.” They included an additional post-script warning that “the snoring usually only lasts a short time – while he falls asleep."

They handed Al the packs as a surprise before he left for the airport. He returned with only a couple of the packs left.

"The passengers really weren't into communicating very much, so I had to give them out at the beginning before take off,” Alan told LADBible. “I handed a packet to the last person and she opened it up straight away and read the note. The others just thought it was strange and didn't know what to say, but she chuckled to herself."

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