World's First Craft Beer Airline to Hit the Skies

Flying is an experience in itself, but it’s about to get a lot more interesting with the introduction of the world’s first craft beer airline.

Independent craft brewer BrewDog is launching the world’s first craft beer airline experience with a chartered Boeing 767 round-trip flight between London and Columbus, Ohio, in February 2019.

The round-trip flight will occur between February 21-25, 2019 and include a four-night stay in Columbus to tour the BrewDog’s brewery, visit The DogHouse Hotel, and explore the BrewDog’s beer museum. Travelers aboard the flight will also be taken around Columbia and Cincinnati to explore other breweries.

During the chartered flight, passengers will enjoy a beer tasting of limited-edition BrewDog beers that have been brewed to adapt to the high altitudes of flight. There will also be a food and beer pairing menu. Travelers can take advantage of in-flight care packages like BrewDog eye masks and blankets.

Tickets for this BrewDog flight experience are only available to BrewDog’s community of 90,000 Equity Punks, or shareholders. Flights, excursions, and accommodations are all included in the total cost of tickets which are £1,250 per person (or $1602.46 USD). Those sharing a room can receive a discount.

Those who are not part of the Equity Punk community could win a chance to fly aboard BrewDog Airlines, as BrewDog is running a contest on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) which will choose five lucky winners (including a plus one!).

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said in a statement: “We took craft beer to the depths of the seas when we brewed an IPA at the bottom of the North Sea. Now, we’re turning to the skies aboard BrewDog Airlines.”

“BrewDog Airlines will be an experience like no other, we’ve redesigned the flight experience for optimum beer enjoyment – from the food to the entertainment, the cabin crew and most of all, the specially brewed high-altitude beer.”

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