10 Warm-Weather Destinations You Can Visit Without a Passport

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Slide 2 of 11: Hawaii
Slide 3 of 11: U.S. Virgin Islands
Slide 4 of 11: Miami
Slide 5 of 11: Palm Springs
Slide 6 of 11: Puerto Rico
Slide 7 of 11: Scottsdale
Slide 8 of 11: Caribbean by Cruise Ship
Slide 9 of 11: Key West
Slide 10 of 11: San Diego
Slide 11 of 11: Savannah

If a winter getaway to somewhere hot—the Caribbean, Mexico, the Pacific—is on your wish list, but the thought of shelling out big bucks for an overseas flight stops you cold (or your passport has expired—oops!), no worries. Check out these 10 warm-weather destinations you can visit without a passport. Just remember to bring back some sunshine as a souvenir for the rest of us.


U.S. Virgin Islands


Palm Springs

Puerto Rico


Caribbean by Cruise Ship

Key West

San Diego


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