Air India scraps ALL flights to and from Birmingham and Delhi – is yours affected?

What is the situation with Air India flights?

Air India flights operating to and from Birmingham International Airport and Delhi Airport – which runs six regular services from the Midlands-based transport hub – will be grounded from Saturday, March 16.

The flight company, based in New Delhi, announced the worrying news on its Twitter account, with the words: “Important update for our valued passengers.”

It then uploaded a shot showing a table of all of the affected flight routes.

The suspended services are: AI113 Delhi-Birmingham; AI114 Birmingham-Delhi; AI117 Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham; and AI118 Birmingham-Amritsar-Delhi.

What have Air India said about the cancellations?

The airline has put the flight suspension down to air strikes by the Indian military over Pakistan.

The tweet issued by the firm added: “We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to our valued passengers and request passengers to collect a full refund.”

It added the suspension would be ongoing “until further notice”.

Meanwhile, Birmingham Airport told the BBC it was “disappointing.”

It added on its Twitter account: “All Air India flights operating from Delhi & Amritsar to Birmingham Airport commencing from 16th March 2019 are currently suspended. Please contact your airline for further information.”

What should Air India passengers do now?

After the airline urged passengers to seek a refund, one traveller quizzed them about how to go about doing this.

Air India replied: “Hi, if the ticket is booked through travel agent/portal please contact the same channel and if booked through AI website please write to [email protected] for refund.”

Consumer watchdog Which? offered general advice about flight compensation, and stated on its website: “Your right to compensation for cancelled flights depends on the reason for the cancellation.

“If the airline can prove the cancellation was caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’, no compensation is payable.

“Extraordinary circumstances are situations beyond the control of the airline, for example, security risk, political instability or severe weather that makes flying dangerous.”

Has Air India come under controversy recently?

Back on board, the in-flight dishes served up on Air India flights recently came under the spotlight.

Air India passenger, Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan, was absolutely appalled when he was served his breakfast on a flight from Mumbai to Bhopal, India.

He was given sambhar – a lentil-based vegetable stew – but, in the dish, he unearthed a cockroach.

The alarming incident was captured in a series of vile photos. Chauhan claims cabin crew “ignored” him when he complained and continued to serve the dish to others.

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