Airline pilot debunks myths on where poo goes when you use the plane toilet

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    An airline pilot has revealed to his legion fans what happens to poo from plane toilets mid-flight. Social media user Garrett regularly shares videos online about his life as an airline pilot, from how to get a job in aviation to why you don't have to be afraid of flying.

    Garrett took to TikTok to debunk claims that poo is dumped onto the population below the plane if someone uses the facilities on board. Apparently, plenty of people think that aircraft open some sort of flap to dump waste into the air – a questionable belief considering nobody has been hit by flying poo in recent memory, but a common myth.

    The pilot decided to post on social media to clear up exactly what's happening below the lavatory when you use it at 35,000ft. Posting the video to his @flywithgarrett account, which has gained more than 300,000 likes, he said: "When you're on an aeroplane and you gotta go, where does it go?"

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    He continued: "Did you know that whenever you flush the toilet on the aircraft, it actually doesn't dump out into the population down below? It goes through plumbing to the rear of the aircraft and the seal compartments where the ground crew at the destination will remove all that waste.

    "On a 747 – on a long haul flight – toilets can be flushed over a thousand times, creating over 320 gallons of waste. That's a lot." Viewers were left flabbergasted that the fact needed to be explained as they didn't realise that some people actually believed that poo is dumped off the plane.

    One user said: "I just haven't thought about this like ever." Another added: "Other actually people that believe that it would get expelled from the aircraft to the population below? And if so, do these people vote?"

    A third commented: "Wait ppl actually think it dumps out below? So they think there’s [poo] falling out the sky that's not the [eagles]?" But some actually did believe that as one user said: "I've always questioned that." Another replied: "I thought they dropped it into the ocean."

    That's not the only unusual fact you might not have known about plane toilets. One example is that the toilet door can be opened from the outside by flight attendants using a "hidden pin". One steward commented: "Lavatory doors can be opened from the outside by lifting the metal plate saying ‘lavatory’ and pulling the pin under it."

    That's right, hiding beneath the loo sign is a level that lets them get into the toilet in case you're unwell, need help or – as one couple discovered – you're getting up to no good joining the mile high club. Which, by the way, is illegal on a passenger plane!

    Meanwhile, another flight attendant warned Brits never to walk to the loo bare foot. The airline worker said: “This is a big NO NO. You actually think that floor in the lavatory is clean or better yet ya think that’s water on that lavatory floor? Let’s just talk about the carpet for starters IT’S NOT CLEAN.”

    Essentially, she backed up what other plane workers have said and confirmed that the liquid on the floor is urine. Apparently when men and boy stand up to pee and the plane hits turbulence they're thrown around a bit… and can splash the walls and floor.

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