Airline set to install world’s first bunk beds for economy passengers

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Economy seats on a long-haul flight aren’t known for their comfort. But economy passengers on Air New Zealand will soon have a comfier option.

The airline is set to offer communal bunk bed style sleeping options on its planes to help passengers hit the ground running when they land.

The beds will be offered on its ultra long-haul 17 hour flights and will be a world first when they are installed in 2024.

Premium and regular economy passengers will still be able to purchase standard reclining seats.

However, passengers will also be allowed to book a four-hour slot in a bunk bed sleeping pod.

Passengers will need to pay an additional charge to access the ‘Skynest’ for a four-hour sleep slot.

All the pods will have fresh bedsheets which will be changed by cabin crew when a slot is finished.

Every passenger will have a privacy curtain, a USB charging port and ventilation.

The airline will remove five economy seats to make space to install six Skynest sleep pods on Air New Zealand planes.

Passengers will only be allowed to book one four-hour slot as it is expected many travellers will want to take advantage of the scheme.

Greg Foran, Air New Zealand CEO, said: “New Zealand’s location puts us in a unique position to lead on the ultra long-haul travel experience.

“We have zeroed in on sleep, comfort and wellness because we know how important it is for our customers to be well-rested.

“Whether they are heading straight into a meeting or to their first holiday hotspot, they want to hit the ground running.”

Leanne Geraghty, Air New Zealand’s chief customer and sales officer, said: “Research shows us the first night away from home is the hardest to get a good night’s sleep so everything we do onboard is to keep a sense of calm.

“From the lighting and sleep ritual including sleepy teas and balms, to the healthier food choices and breathable fabrics.”

Air New Zealand is set to launch direct flights between Auckland and New York this September.

It will also resume flights from Auckland to Chicago in October.

On most standard flights, only first class passengers have access to comfier sleeping areas.

In first class some passengers are offered personal beds with curtains or even closing doors for privacy.

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