Airport launches new pass so you can wait with loved ones up to boarding gate

Airline travel can be fairly stressful especially if you’re not jetting off on a fun holiday and are leaving your loved ones at check-in.

When visiting family or friends it can be hard to say goodbye and you might have to hold back tears when you go through security.

It also feels like a waste to spend several hours shopping or eating alone in the terminal when you want to cherish every moment with those you were visiting.

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Many years ago, before stricter security protocols were put in place for air travel your family or friends could walk with you to the boarding gate to wave you goodbye.

Now, it seems one airport is re-introducing the policy with a work-a-round that keeps security as a priority.

Ontario International Airport, based in California in the United States, will now allow non-travelling people to spend time with their flying guest in the terminal or greet them at the gate.

ONT+ is a free service which lets you secure an online visitors pass, reports FlyOntario.

This ticket will act somewhat like an airline ticket allowing the holder to enter TSA checkpoints and access the terminal after security screening.

The pass means you get to enjoy a final drink or meal with loved ones before you board your plane – something not seen since enhanced security came into force after 9/11.

You can even buy entry into a high-end lounge to enjoy together before one of you flies.

Non-travelling pass holders will still be subject to the same security rules as passengers – so no liquids over 100ml and no banned items.

"We all remember the excitement of being able to meet arriving family and friends as they get off the plane. ONT+ is a way to bring back some of that experience from decades ago, in a safe and secure manner," said Dean Brown, ONT Public Safety Administrator, who worked closely with TSA in establishing the program.

Currently UK airports do not offer a similar pass so you must leave your loved ones behind before making your way though security.

If the ONT+ pass becomes popular though we may see a counterpart enter the industry on our side of the pond.

Would you get a non-traveller pass if they became available? Tell us in the comments…


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