Allianz Named Top Travel Insurance Provider at 2019 Travvy Awards

Jackson, Wyoming, is known for the four elk-antler arches that serve as entrances to its Town Square. Around the holidays, they are dressed up with strings of lights, giving off a festive glow. Though the town is often just a waypoint for tourists heading to nearby national parks or ski resorts, it’s still worth the stop.

The beauty of travel is often its unpredictability. The chance encounters that become unforgettable, the sights you stumble upon while exploring, the mystery of what the day ahead might hold in store.

Allianz Global Assistance. (photo via Flickr/Secret Pilgrim)

But unpredictability can be a double-edged sword in the travel world, one that also sometimes means major weather events delaying trips, unexpected accidents and emergency rescues.

The 2019 Travvy awards recognized the insurance companies that provided the most outstanding service to travelers during the past year.

Once again, the gold went to Allianz Global Assistance and the silver to AIG Travel, two companies that took home the top awards in 2018 as well.

Allianz, which has been in business for more than three decades, has developed an impeccable reputation for helping customers find solutions to any travel-related problem. In addition to providing travel insurance, the company offers corporate assistance and also concierge services.

AIG Travel, one of America’s leading providers of travel coverage, is known for its Travel Guard policies, which include 24-hour concierge assistance.

Travel Guard also covers customers from beginning to end of trips for medical emergencies and provides protection if you need to cancel a trip for work, illness, weather or any other covered reason.

Over the past year, AIG has also notably launched a variety of campaigns to increase traveler safety. Among them, campaigns for LGBTQ travelers and for female travelers.

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