American finds ‘secret waterfall’ in Yorkshire but Brits fume over pronunciation

An American tourist making his way through the UK claims to have found a "hidden gem" in the Yorkshire Dales.

Josh, who goes by @joshtheintern, posted on TikTok about the find urging others to hunt down one of the country's "best waterfalls ".

Josh is currently undertaking the difficult job of hiking 800 miles across England.

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He often posts his curious finds including swimming holes, gorgeous spots and even caves in the UK's national parks.

The savvy traveller often camps in his car and has over 26,000 thrilled followers.

Josh recently shared a find in the Yorkshire Dales National Park that he says is the “most incredible waterfall [he’d] ever seen” – and it was Uldale Force that took the title.

Josh explained: "This is the best secret waterfall in the UK.

"So, I was car camping and hiking in the Yorkshire Dales national park – a place known for its incredible waterfalls.

"Online I had found a waterfall with only one Google review which either meant there wasn’t really a waterfall there or it would be a fantastic hidden gem. I decided to take the risk and early in the morning started hiking towards it."

Josh showed himself kitted out in hiking gear and walking the footpaths through the Yorkshire countryside.

While the way looked damp and cold he looked around at the trees and hills happily.

Josh added: "The trail was located in a remote part of the national park. I crossed a bridge and began walking alongside the river.

"There was barely a trail to follow at this point but I continued forward through the valley."

Josh showed his feet trying to stick to the barely visible walking trail beside River Rawthey – not too far from Sedbergh.

He continued: "While hiking I came across a mysterious pile of stones outside a cave, continuing upstream the river became more wild and small waterfalls started appearing on either side.

"This is also when the trail totally disappeared.

"I made the choice to continue forward and to my luck, just a couple of minutes later I found myself at the foot of the most incredible waterfall I’d ever seen.

"There was only on thing left to do – go for a swim."

In the clip the water of the river tumbled over the falls in a powerful stream as Josh went wild swimming in the waters.

Commenters added their thoughts below Josh's video with worried that he didn't realise how cold the water would be.

One woman wrote: "Waterfalls in the UK are incredibly cold!"

To which Josh replied: "They really are – it was tough to go under water at this one but well worth it."

Others were fuming at the bloke's pronunciation of Yorkshire.

"Americans saying British names will never get old," giggled one.

Another said: "That's not how you pronounce Yorkshire…"

A third wrote: "In the what Dales now?"

However, many appreciated the travel tip – like one man who added: "Love your vids man always watching them all!"

Have you ever seen Uldale Force? Tell us your favourite hiking find in the comments…


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