America’s adorable attempt to replicate a small British town with cobbles

Wouldn’t it be lovely if life really was like a Disney movie?

Well this endearing – and funny – attempt at recreating a UK town could actually mean you can experience it.

LadBible reporter Chloe Rowland ventured to the miniature Great Britain that’s located in Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT Theme Park in Florida, USA.

Chloe said: “It’s not exactly a secret that our mates across the pond have their own view of what the UK looks like – usually involving a mixture of scones, The Holiday, tea and the Royal Family.

“So when tasked with re-creating a mini version of our island, it’s unsurprising that Americans may not have quite captured the full essence of the UK, but no doubt the result is both heartwarming and, well, a bit funny.

“Located in Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT park, the bite-sized version of the UK makes up just one part of the world pavilion and is certainly something.”

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The area includes cobbled streets, a thatched cottage and even a ‘Yorkshire County Fish and Chip Shop’.

And what genuine recreation of the UK would be complete without a proper British pub?

The Rose & Crown has an array of booze on offer and British pub grub such as bangers and mash and a cottage pie.

Throughout the day characters from British-based Disney features appear including – who else – Mary Poppins, Alice and the Mad Hatter and Winnie the Pooh too.

Disney fansite explains more, saying that “no detail is missed.”

It says: “The United Kingdom pavilion is a bustling destination. 

“Through the seamless blend of architecture that takes you from the streets of London to an English cottage, the essence of this nation is yours to enjoy. 

“Cobble-stoned streets, a quaint pub, the scent of fish and chips in the air combine to make this an authentic trip across the pond.”

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It adds: “There are soot-stained chimneys, a wonderful gazebo, beautiful gardens and perhaps the most photographed items in the World Showcase, replicas of UK phone booths.

“You can’t miss these bright red structures, nor will you be able to resist taking a picture of them.”

The World Showcase area of EPCOT also includes miniature versions of Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy and America.

In addition Japan, Morocco, France and Canada are recreated, too.

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