‘Attention seeking’ tourists slammed for ‘cringe’ dance routine at Stonehenge

A duo of women were dubbed "stone cringe" for filming a dance video at ancient English monument Stonehenge last week. The pair were filmed by another visitor to the 5,000 year old ring of standing stones – much to Instagram users annoyance.

In a short clip shared on @Influencersinthewild, provided by @cassielovesvodkawater, the youngsters were spotted performing a choreographed dance on the grass in front of Stonehenge. They were spotted jumping, clapping their hands and swinging their arms around while next to one another.

The pair wore grey tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts and were being recorded on a phone by another woman. Other visitors to the historic site – a World Heritage Site in Wiltshire, England – were walking around looking at the standing stones as the sun shone down. Some other visitors were having their photo taken, but the women dominated the scene with their dancing. The Influencers in the Wild page – which shames social media content creators acting out in public – captioned the short video: "The silence is deafening."

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In the comments, people were fuming at their behaviour. One person said: "Welcome to Stone Cringe" while another noted: "This is it. The cringiest s**t I've ever seen. We are doomed" and a bloke said: "The narcissism is nauseating."

Another noted: "Man I’m going to sound old but…the people saying there is nothing wrong with this and it’s just them having fun miss the point. They aren’t doing it for fun, they are doing it for likes because many attribute their worthiness and social standing to likes views."

An English person added: "My culture is not your TikTok background". While another woman said: "Imagine going to a place like that to record yourself making a 'dance'. The egomania, main character mentality and thirst for attention and approval are way out of hand."

One person – referring to the conspiracy theory that aliens were involved with Stonehenge noted: "No doubt the aliens are laughing at us doing peppy little dance routines for views at a sacred site". While another called the girls "ignorant, dumb humans".

However, plenty of people argued the other side – and said there was nothing wrong with dancing. One person said: "It’s what the ancients would have wanted." While another wrote: "Nothing wrong here actually, even before smartphones invented, we were dancing in the cool places and having fun."

Another woman commented: "This is nice and wholesome. I danced like this as a kid at landmarks even without the camera on me, it's cool that they have a camera to capture that special moment."

"These kind of influencers don't bother me," one man noted. While a woman added: "To be fair there is nothing to do at Stonehenge once you finish looking at it."

Another person said: "No a*s cheeks, no personal spaces violated, no cultural disrespect, this one gets a pass."

But, a British-based Instagram user gave her considered approach and noted: "Hmmmm I'm in two minds. It’s not overly offensive but this is a monument over 4000 years old, the whole landscape is steeped in history, barrows, the Cursus and Avenue.

"An amazing historic place and rather than soak that up they'd rather do a stupid dance for the internet. Like, take a marvel how people with no modern equipment moved those enormous stones 30 miles by hand.

"Not to mention the small bluestones that came from Wales. Incredible. Surprised English Heritage didn't try and shut the girls down, they are terribly aggressive about policing the site."

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