Avoya Unveils Cutting-Edge Marketing Resource Center for Independent Agencies

WHY IT RATES: Avoya Travel continues to provide innovative services and resources for its travel advisor partners. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

Avoya Travel recently launched an upgraded suite of marketing campaigns, collateral and assets for the Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network™, easily accessible on the Avoya platform — the newly-established Avoya Marketing Resource Center™.

The Marketing Resource Center was created to be synergistic with Avoya’s proprietary technology and business intelligence analytics; these features offer Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network visibility into travelers’ recent search and engagement behavior with Avoya’s marketing. This unique pairing of marketing technology, data intelligence, and now the enhanced Marketing Resource Center, provides the Avoya Network with strategic opportunities for engaging travelers in a meaningful way based on their booking history and recent activity, ultimately resulting in more sales.

This new Marketing Resource Center cultivates engagement with new and repeat travelers using turnkey, co-branded marketing collateral aimed at keeping Independent Agencies top of mind and “dreaming” with clients about their future vacations.

The Marketing Resource Center is optional and delivers a diverse collection of on-demand marketing assets and customizable content including Social Media, Digital Flyers and Email Marketing templates, Direct Mail pieces, a vast image library and much more. At launch, the Marketing Resource Center included over 75 unique marketing pieces, with new assets being added weekly.

Avoya is known for its unique platform model and for its innovative optional services and resources including the first and only patented lead generation program in the travel industry. While many travel agencies choose to join the Avoya Network for its Live Leads™ program, Independent Agencies now have an even greater ability to nurture existing customer relationships and the ability to market to new customers to continue building their personal client base.

Recent changes in the travel industry provided the opportunity for Avoya’s Marketing Department to focus more on empowering Independent Agencies with a larger collection of powerful marketing resources aimed at leveraging their existing relationships with travelers who are already familiar with the travel products in Avoya’s portfolio and are more likely to travel in the near future.

“Our Preferred Suppliers invest in Avoya because of our marketing and technology solutions, capability, and, ultimately, results in generating both new-to-brand and repeat travelers to their brands,” said Sam McCully, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Avoya Travel. “We’ve been able to build on our corporate success as a full-service Marketing Department and apply that knowledge to create optional resources of powerful and effective collateral and campaigns for the Avoya Network members to use in their own lead generation efforts. For many travel advisors, marketing collateral is one of the primary reasons they join a particular host agency or consortia. Avoya not only has its incredible Live Leads™ program but it’s paired with the upgraded Marketing Resource Center to provide the Avoya Network with the best of both worlds.”

In recent months, Avoya’s Marketing and Technology Departments created a seamless experience for both Network members and travelers by automating a series of contact points between Independent Agencies and travelers affected by the global suspensions to try and sell a Future Travel Credit instead of opting for a refund. These campaigns were so successful that Avoya has received accolades from many supplier partners for over-indexing on Future Travel Credit conversion compared to their competitive peer set and direct teams. This success served as a springboard for expediting enhancements to the Marketing Resource Center in order for Independent Agencies to be able to reach clients at every touchpoint in the vacation planning and booking process, not just during these challenging times.

With an immediate increase in business opportunities for Independent Agencies, Avoya is already receiving rave feedback from Network members.

“I am incredibly excited about Avoya’s new Marketing Resource Center. Especially with the challenges that COVID-19 has brought this year, it is more important than ever to find new ways of keeping in touch with past clients and reaching potential clients,” said Katherine Youngdale, Owner of Ogden Pacific LLC, a Member of the Avoya Network. “I am looking forward to utilizing the high-quality social media assets, email marketing templates, and even hosting my own virtual travel event. Avoya’s investment in the Marketing Resource Center is another vote of confidence for Independent Agencies like mine and sets us up for success when travel rebounds.”

To learn more visit: www.AvoyaNetwork.com.

SOURCE: Avoya Travel press release.

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