Best method to pack a suitcase for a road trip or staycation

Best way to pack a suitcase for a road trip or staycation

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Before going on a staycation or embarking on a road trip, it is important holidaymakers know the best way to pack their suitcases in order to save the maximum space and carry more. found the best packing tips, and I put them into practice.

UK holidays often involve coats, chunky boots, jumpers and maxi scarves which can limit the space in your suitcase.

Choosing the best folding method is key to saving space. There are many unique folding techniques out there including the rolling method and the pile folding method. 

However, I decided to try the “burrito method” which will save the maximum space in your suitcase allowing you to carry more.

The burrito method is a Marine packing technique that bundles the clothes into a compact burrito.

Burrito folding method

Start by folding the trousers into thirds. Then lay the T-shirt or a thin jumper flat with the back side facing up and place the folded trousers just below the collar.

Fold the sleeves over the trousers as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles. Then place the socks below the neckline with the ankle coming out from the side.

Repeat on the other side and begin rolling the T-shirt tightly towards the bottom. Finally, slide the cuff of the sock over half of the roll and repeat on the other side.

I tried this and I was impressed with the result. I could carry more, and it was also a clever way to keep my daily outfits organised.

Other packing tips for your next road trip, camping holiday or staycation include placing all small items, including chargers or underwear, inside your boots or trainers.

Always carry a separate small medication bag which can be easily accessed and for toiletries, only carry the essentials.

However, remember to pack a few extra essential items for the road, such as wipes or hand sanitiser, and sun cream.

Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz said that “it’s very important to only take the clothes you actually need” and avoid packing “two of each”.

Jeans take up a lot of space in the suitcase, so it is always better to wear them when travelling and only take one pair with you.

“If you need to bring boots on your trip, wear these when travelling instead of packing them,” Miguel advised.

Interestingly, a study by OnePoll on behalf of BLVD hotel revealed that 52 percent of Britons prefer staycations to international travel. 

Some of the most popular road trips in the UK include:

  • The Peak District
  • Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
  • Norfolk
  • Cotswolds
  • Atlantic Highway
  • Yorkshire
  • Lake District
  • Wales

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