Booster jab added to NHS app after speculation to make travel ‘as easy as possible’

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The booster jab programme is in full swing. After PM Boris Johnson told Britons they would need to “adjust the concept of what constitutes a full vaccination”, travel industry insiders wondered when the third jab would be added to the NHS pass.

Which? travel editor Rory Boland said: “With UK residents currently unable to provide evidence that they have [had the booster], they risk being turned away from the plane on their next trip.

“Until booster jabs are added to vaccine certificates on the NHS app, you should carefully check the requirements of the country you’re planning on visiting before booking.”

The issue has now been fixed by the Government.

The Health Ministry announced booster jabs will be added to the pass for outbound international travel today.

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to show their vaccine status if they are travelling abroad.

“This update to the NHS COVID Pass will mean people can have their complete medical picture at their fingertips if they are going on holiday or seeing loved ones overseas.”

The booster will not be added to the domestic pass yet.

And people travelling to England will not need to show proof of a booster.

The new proof with only be for outbound travel, with requirements for booster jabs varying depending on the country Britons want to go to.

There is no official information for Britons who have not yet been invited for their third jab.

This comes as some countries introduced a time limit on vaccination status to be valid for quarantine free travel.

Israel, Croatia and Austria have already put limitations in place.

In France, a booster will be required to maintain a Covid pass from December 15.

The pass is necessary for day-to-day life, such as going to a restaurant, the cinema or museums.

French media wondered how British visitors would be able to get the pass when “their QR codes do not show boosters”.

Many countries in Europe are seeing rising Covid cases and contemplating further restrictions.

In Germany, the record rise of cases led the Government to take tough measures against the unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated will be banned from certain areas and will need to provide negative tests to use public transport or go to work.

Spain, while faring much better than some of its neighbours has started to put restrictions in place in some areas.

The Basque Country requested permission to make vaccine certificates a requirement to visit bars and nightclubs, as well as restaurants.

Austria has just entered a new full lockdown.

The situation is still developing all over Europe and Governments are making regular announcements to keep their populations updated.
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