British man jailed, barred from US over text tent to girlfriend

A British man visiting his American girlfriend on a three-month holiday of a lifetime was locked in a cell for 24 hours and banned from the US for life after border officials found a text on his phone that read: “I am moving to be near you.”

Isaac Roblett, 24, claims he was talking about spending three months with girlfriend Camila Iglesia under an ESTA permit in the text sent a month before his flight to Chicago, The Sun reports.

Isaac Roblett and his girlfriend Camila Iglesia. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

Isaac was deported from the US after border officials found texts on his phone sent to his girlfriend. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

After landing, he was locked in a cell for a day and interrogated in a windowless room.

He was deported the next day and banned from visiting the US for life.

“They went through my phone, all my messages, and found a message to my girlfriend which said ‘I am moving to be with you’,” Mr Roblett, from East Sussex, said.

“They said that’s evidence enough to not allow me in.”

The texts Isaac sent to his American girlfriend. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

The texts led border officials to believe Isaac was planning to move to the US. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

The full message — sent during an argument — read: “In terms of a break up, I don’t know what I’ve done to make you forget that in a month’s time I am moving to be with you.”

But Mr Roblett insisted he just meant for the duration of the holiday, adding: “I wouldn’t say ‘visit you’ if it’s three months.”

He added: “I was almost crying, trying to hold back the tears. One of the officers told me: ‘Man up, get over it’.”

He was thrown in a brightly lit cell with four other people before being led back to a plane in handcuffs.

Isaac said he was thrown in a cell room. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

He is now banned from entering the US. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

The couple in happier times. Picture: Triangle NewsSource:Supplied

“It was the worst thing you’ve ever seen,” he said. “The toilet was literally a hole in the ground.”

A spokesman for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “Our staff offered advice to a British man who was denied entry to the USA and were in contact with the US immigration authorities regarding his case.”

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