Britons reveal the most exciting aspects of a holiday

An early airport pint and the blast of hot air when you get off the plane: Britons reveal the best bits of a holiday (and that they’re missing even the bad parts, like hanging around departures)

  • Researchers have drawn up a list of Britons’ 25 most exciting holiday moments 
  • Survey shows 64% say making memories is what they miss most about travel
  • Some even miss the panicked triple-checking of their passport being on them

Britons have revealed the 25 most exciting aspects of a holiday – and they include enjoying an early airport pint, eating whatever you want and the moment you open the door of the hotel room for the first time.

A survey of UK-based adults also revealed that travellers love the novelty of standing on a balcony and the first blast of hot air after walking off the plane.

Trying new food, leaving behind day-to-day life and not having to cook or clean were named as being among the most exciting parts of travel, too, the research found, which also revealed how holiday-starved Britons are even missing negative aspects of travelling, like fretting over passports being remembered.

Britons have revealed the 25 most exciting aspects of a holiday and they include leaving behind day-to-day life

As a result of the pandemic, seven in 10 feel they have missed out on creating new memories, with 64 per cent claiming this is the aspect of travel they miss the most.

The research, carried out by Hilton as part of its ‘To New Memories’ campaign, revealed 24 per cent are already planning to go on multiple holidays next year to make up for their lack of trips this year, while 12 per cent hope to have a multi-destination holiday.

And with 2020 being travel-free for so many, 23 per cent are already planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip when they feel comfortable.

The research also revealed seven in 10 will appreciate travel and making memories more than they used to once they can start going away again.

Seven in 10 Britons feel they have missed out on creating new memories through not travelling this year 

It also emerged that the most common way to remember a trip is by reminiscing with others who went on the holiday, followed by souvenirs, printing photographs and making digital photo albums.

The negative aspects of travel that are missed include the early wake-up call to get to the airport (21 per cent) and waiting around in departures (17 per cent).

And 15 per cent have even missed the panic-induced moment of having to double and triple-check they had their passport on them.

A fifth of Britons say they are longing for the early wake-up call to get to the airport while 17 per cent have missed waiting around in departures

Despite the restrictions, a lucky 41 per cent of the 2,000 adults polled via OnePoll has still managed to go away this year – with one in 10 leaving the UK. 

Mainland Europe is top of the destination wish-list for 2021, followed by visiting more of the UK and North America.

Stephen Cassidy, managing director, Hilton UK & Ireland, said: ‘Travel is an unstoppable force, and we know our customers are eager to reconnect with the people and places they love.

‘Holidays give us memories which we can look back on for a lifetime and this year, more so than ever, has made us realise just how important they are.

‘Hilton team members, all over the world, are looking forward to welcoming guests with all the reassurance they need – best-in-class hospitality, cleanliness and flexibility – so they can create their new memories whenever they are ready.’


1. Trying different food

2. New adventure

3. Spending time with loved ones

4. Eating what you want

5. Leaving behind the day-to-day

6. First blast of hot air when you get off the plane

7. Escaping from work

8. Not having to cook

9. Excitement of opening the hotel door for the first time

10. Being able to turn off from work

11. Not having to do the dishes

12. Learning new things

13. Having a balcony

14. Trying local drinks

15. Having a morning drink by the pool

16. Not having to clean the bathroom

17. Escaping the news

18. Children’s excitement

19. Noticing your suntan in the evening

20. Getting the cool feel of air-con the moment you enter the hotel after a day in the sun

21. Being more active

22. Making temporary friends

23. The early airport pint

24. Ordering room service

25. Having fresh towels in the hotel everyday

Source: Hilton 

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