Brits face £640 fine for peeing in the sea in popular Spanish resort area

Recently a number of things have been banned at certain resorts in Spain and the Baleriac Islands.

A total of 11 restaurants in the Playa de Palma region of Majorca banned football strips, strapless tops, swimwear and novelty items bought from street vendors on their premises.

They hoped the change would encourage better behaviour and less “drunken tourism” in the locale.

And, a popular Spanish resort has gone on to ban another undesirable behaviour on its beach.

The coastal region of Vigo, in north west Spain, has reportedly banned holidaymakers from urinating in the sea.

Anyone caught weeing in the water will be fined a whopping £640 (€750), reports the Sun.

Vigo issued a warning claiming that seeing “in the sea or on the beach” was now totally banned.

This is because it is a hygiene and sanitary risk, reports state.

To help tourists who need the loo while on the beach, the city council has stated they will install public toilets during the high season.

Earlier this year, another new rule aimed at preventing anti-social behaviour left tourists fuming.

Spanish officials declared they would enforce a new “six drinks a day” rule for all-inclusive holidays at some resorts on several islands including Ibiza and Majorca.

The new law affects a number of hotels in the the Balearic Islands.

It meant tourists on an all-inclusive basis would need to pay more for any drinks that exceeded the six drink rule.

British holidayer Jason Walker, 42, claimed he was left “angry” and “upset” by the restrictions as he found them misleading.

He said: “We only found out when we checked in and only budgeted so much because thought all our food and drink would be covered.

“We were very upset and angry.

"We’ve come as a family of eight to celebrate my cousin’s 40th and while we have still had a good time, we have incurred extra costs as a result.”

Spanish officials announced the new law in January, but it does not apply to every hotel so check the fine print on your holiday contract.

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