Brits spend more time planning holidays than actually going on them

Anyone who's ever planned a holiday will know that it's no easy feat.

You have to choose a destination that works for your budget, find a hotel that works for your party whether you're travelling with friends or on a family holiday, then you need to check you can all get the time off, work to the school holiday dates, do all of your holiday prep…

We're getting tired just thinking about it.

It's therefore no surprise that it turns out we Brit are spending more time planning our holidays than we are actually going on them.

A survey by marketing firm Fresh Relevance revealed that 43 per cent of British holidaymakers actually spend longer researching and booking a holiday than the duration of their trip.

People are opting instead to use review websites when researching a holiday, while just one in five choose a travel agent.

Social media also proved a popular option among holidaymakers with a household income over £75,000, with almost a third of those surveyed using social media networks to look into a destination or hotel while holiday planning.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest proved particularly popular, no doubt thanks to the breathtaking travel photos that are often shared on there.

Although Brits do turn to their family and friends for advice on where to go on holiday, previous research revealed that sometimes the amount of advice can become overwhelming and make the planning process stressful rather than stress-free.

It therefore comes as no surprise that technology is becoming increasingly popular for holiday research, not to mention for when it comes to actually booking your trip once you've planned it.

However, it's worth being vigilant when you are researching a holiday online, especially when it comes to paying as some cybercriminals use search terms for elaborate scams , so always be cautious when parting with your cash. 

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