Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant reveals one thing they secretly wish passengers knew

Cabin crew have to see to the needs of hundreds of plane passengers during flights. Some people have much greater demands than others and it can prove a stressful job. A flight attendant has said there’s something they really wish passengers would understand. A cabin crew worker for Alaska Airlines told Travel & Leisure that it’s about how much travellers expect from flight attendants.

Flights: Cabin crew reveals what flight attendants secretly wish plane passengers knew

“We’re not mind readers,” the crew member for Alaska Airlines told the travel site.

“We may not necessarily know how to serve that individual person, nor can we tailor our service to every individual person, and I think sometimes people forget that.”

Another flight attendant has revealed how they get back at passengers who do get on their nerves. 

Luckily, it’s nothing too disgusting – “I would never spit in [someone’s] cup,” ex-flight attendant Shawn Kathleen told the NY Post.

But if you’re rude to cabin crew you may well not get the drink you’re after.

“I’ll take a cup and scoop in a lot of ice, and when I pour the soda or juice in, there’s, like, two tablespoons!” Kathleen said.

She called her cocktail “The ‘A**hole Special,” and she admitted she’s sure other flight attendants do it as well.

There is also another, slightly more disgusting, way cabin crew get their own back on irritating passengers.

“Crop dusting is a disgusting, albeit very common, method of retribution,” flight attendant and author of the Crewed Talk column on, Amanda Pleva told The Sun. 

“If a passenger is being very rude and difficult, then it’s not unheard of for a flight attendant to break wind and ‘crop dust’ past the offender,” she said.

In short, anger a cabin crew member and risk being farted on, according to Pleva’s words.

Cabin crew are keen to encourage plane passengers to not walk around without shoes or socks. 

I think people don’t realise how dirty the planes are,” the cabin crew for PSA Airlines, an American Airlines Group subsidiary, told Travel & Leisure.

A plane might look relatively spic and span when you board but the truth is that most likely they are not.

The flight attendant said aircraft only receive a thorough cleaning once a day.

However, cabin crew do pick up rubbish between each flight the plane makes.

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