Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant reveals truth about this smelly aspect of crew life

Cabin crew spend a large part of their life working thousands of miles up in the sky. There are certain ways in which this can affect the inner workings of their bodies. One particular way such work can impact a flight attendant has been revealed by a former cabin crew member. Mandy Smith revealed in her book Cabin Fever how flatulence can be a real problem for crew.

Flights: Cabin crew reveals truth about farts on a plane – and why a flight attendant suffers

When Smith was still new she was paired up with a flight attendant colleague who explained the smelly perils of flying.

“Did they not explain the wind problems during training?” the cabin crew worker said to her.

“Well, get used to it. Flying as many hours as we do makes your stomach swell up like a balloon.”

The flight attendant added: “You’ll be a walking cesspit, farting like a trooper.”

To make matters worse, the plane passengers can often suffer the consequences of this.

“Let it out down the aisle over the passengers,” the stewardess recommended. “It’s called crop dusting.”

She continued: “Your uniform will stink of farts – we call it Eau de Boeing.”

Another cabin crew worker said some flight attendants used this bodily function to get their own back at passengers who annoyed them.

“Crop dusting is a disgusting, albeit very common, method of retribution,” flight attendant and author of the Crewed Talk column on, Amanda Pleva told The Sun. 

“If a passenger is being very rude and difficult, then it’s not unheard of for a flight attendant to break wind and ‘crop dust’ past the offender,” she said.

In short, anger a cabin crew member and risk being farted on, according to Pleva’s words.

She added that she knew it was childish but that it was also very satisfying.

London nutritionist, Lily Soutter, spoke to of the problems of flatulence when flying. 

“Bloating and cramps are not uncommon with air travel. Due to air pressure, gas in the intestinal will expand at around 30 per cent when flying,” said Lily.

“To prevent the bloat, it’s advisable to pass on the carbonated drinks and gassy foods like broccoli, beans, and onions before your flight.”

Coffee could also make bloating worse so consider drinking a peppermint tea instead.

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