Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant shares vile plane truths crew will never tell fliers

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Flights see plane passengers spend hours at a time inside aircraft. Fliers hope the cabin is as clean as it can be and that no corners are cut, but unfortunately, this cannot always be guaranteed. A cabin crew member has revealed some very unpleasant truths about what goes on in a plane.

The insight was posted on content-sharing site Quora by cabin crew Shrey Para who said she has worked for multiple airlines.

Para answered the question: “What are some things that airline cabin crews know, but won’t tell you?”

She shared one vile fact about the airline blankets.

“We may give you a used blanket from the previous sector and that is only because the company doesn’t provide us with enough fresh blankets and pillows,” she said.

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Plane passengers may feel more comfortable bringing their own blankets and pillows just in case!

Para also explained that the plane is likely nowhere near as clean as you hope.

“We can’t tell you when the last thorough cleaning of the aircraft was done,” the flight attendant wrote.

“It may be weeks before it was completely cleaned.”

She added: “During transit, only [the] carpet is vacuumed and toilets are replenished and the surfaces are touched up by cleaners.”

It’s for this reason travellers are urged to never take their shoes off to walk around the plane – you never know what’s underfoot.

Passengers should also never think too highly of the food.

“We won’t tell you the food that you just consumed was utterly unhealthy,” Para shared.

She also gave another insight into the way food is served online – and it might make you want to stay on the right side of the crew.

“If your attitude is not right and you like a second helping of the meal then we won’t tell you what we have enough and we don’t mind getting it wasted rather than wasting it on your attitude but if you are polite, you may get 3rd helping as well (sic),” Para explained.

The cabin crew member also divulged some less disgusting travel truths – but they still might frustrate holidaymakers.

For instance, you’ll likely never know the full facts around delay times, Para claimed.

“We won’t tell you how long is your flight actually delayed by,” she posted.

“Mostly what you will hear from the captain is an estimate and they will even cut that time more just so that you don’t get agitated.”

The flight attendant added: “If you have a connecting flight and you can’t make it because of short transit then we definitely won’t tell you.

“We will motivate you and take all the measures needed to get you out of the aircraft asap so maybe you can make it.”

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