Cheapest city in Europe for holiday is most ‘underrated capital’

A study by travel insurance company Forbes Advisor analysed the cost of a two-day trip for two people in each European capital city and revealed that Warsaw, in Poland, is the most affordable destination for a European city break. According to the research, the average cost for a two-day holiday in Poland’s capital city is £426.

This included the average price for return flights for two people, two nights’ accommodation, two days’ worth of excursions, a taxi for the entire vacation and meals out, as well as alcohol.

Two people will spend an average of £242 on return flights, while a taxi for the two days would only cost £5 in Warsaw.

Excursions start from only £8 and restaurants will be £34 on average for food and £12 for alcohol.

But is Warsaw a nice place to visit? The city was named the “underrated Polish capital” by holiday experts in a GQ travel review.

On the social media platform Quora, traveller Ann Krause agreed saying: “I think that Warsaw is very underrated.

“It is relatively cheap and really beautiful. And the Polish food alone is worth going there. Polish food is just amazing, and restaurants serve incredible, delicious meals. I think that Warsaw is definitely worth visiting because it is an amazing city.”

Some of the best places to visit in Warsaw are the Old Town, Castle Square and the museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanow.

On Tripadvisor, traveller @bodhi_sam said he highly recommended “spending at least an entire day just wandering the streets” of the Old Town.

“Not to be missed!” he added. Another visitor called Tomek added: “A little bit too crowded but not so noisy. Nice hidden places and really good restaurants. You have to visit!”

Karolina, who also visited Warsaw recently, commented: “Admired the historical architecture and popped into few bars that were all beautiful and welcoming!! All the streets and centre square were beautifully lit up.”

According to the study, Sofia, in Bulgaria, is the second most budget-friendly European city break where the average cost for a couple’s getaway is £432.

The city of Bern, in Switzerland, on the other hand, is the priciest destination for couples to escape to, costing £1,128 overall.

The top 10 most affordable European cities:

  1. Warsaw, Poland
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Vilnius, Lithuania
  4. Skopje, North Macedonia
  5. Belgrade, Serbia
  6. Prague, Czech Republic
  7. Podgorica, Montenegro
  8. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Riga, Latvia

Travel expert Laura Howard from Forbes Advisor said: “For many couples, budgets are tighter than ever due to the rising cost of living. And this makes getting the best value for money more important than ever.

“It’s encouraging to see that couples can still get great deals in cities like Warsaw, giving them the chance to explore new and interesting places without it being prohibitively expensive.

“Destinations such as Minsk, Prague, and Sarajevo also have a lot to offer, from fascinating history to amazing cuisine and beautiful architecture. And, as is evident from this study, the cost still falls within many tourists’ budgets.”

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