Common thing to ‘stop doing’ on board – ‘obscene’ results

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Former BA Flight Attendant Samantha Pape spoke exclusively to about what holidaymakers should avoid doing at all costs on a plane. Even the most seasoned travellers may make these mistakes while flying.

It’s likely that you’re going to want to sit back, relax and get comfy on your long haul flights.

This might mean wrapping yourself in a big blanket, popping an eye mask on – and taking your shoes off.

However, Samantha revealed a grave error that passengers make when they leave their seat.

She said: “Stop walking around bare foot, especially when going to the toilet.

“The number of questionable fluids found on the toilet floor throughout a flight is obscene.”

To stay clean, make sure to keep your feet covered – “at least wear some socks or some slides”.

Samantha’s next tip was to avoid a certain beverage on board your next flight.

She warned flyers that they must “avoid drinking the tap water”.

Just like the floor of the plane aisles – and toilets – the tanks containing the water are apparently far from sanitary.

The insider revealed: “The water tanks are not cleaned enough (if ever), so there’s a reason we serve bottled water.

“If you have a bottle that you want filling, just ask the flight attendant.”

And don’t be worried about spending your hard-earned money needlessly on the bottled water.

“On long-haul flights (BA and most carriers) you don’t pay for any refreshments onboard, so feel free to ask for an extra coke/wine/bag of pretzels whenever you fancy.”

Samantha’s next tips were all about making the flying experience more comfortable for holidaymakers.

For those hoping to get some shut-eye, there is one area of the plane to avoid at all costs.

Despite its potential extra legroom, you are “more than likely to be sat next to a baby” – crying and wailing possible.

“This is because this seat has a fold down table for cots/bassinets for babies to sleep instead of on someone’s lap for the whole flight.”

In order to avoid being disturbed by a flight attendant during your slumber, window sitters should close their blind after take-off so they don’t have to be reminded.

Samantha concluded: “When sleeping with a blanket, put your seatbelt over the top of the blanket, otherwise FA’s will have to wake you up to check every time the seatbelt signs turn on.”

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