Cooler weather and lower costs – top reasons to go away in September or October

Cooler autumn weather, lower costs – and fewer noisy children – are among the top reasons why adults without children prefer to go on holiday in September or October, a study has found.

One in five child-free adults (21%) like to go away in “Shoulder Season” – the time between summer and winter – in order to shorten the gap between the summer months and Christmas.

And the same number prefer the scenery at that time of year – with one in ten saying they go away outside of traditional summer holiday season in order to get closer to nature in autumn.

However, having fewer children around is one of the main appeals of holidaying at this time of year for DINKs (Dual Income adults with No Kids).

And half, of the 1,000 adults polled in this category, say that the idea of looking after a child on holiday is enough to put them off the idea of becoming parents altogether (49%).

Nearly three in ten (28%) would rather not have to keep quiet after a certain time, or risk noise complaints from parents who have put their children to bed early – and 15% just find it easier not having to navigate around children's highchairs in hotel restaurants.

It also emerged that 41% of DINKs feel there should be more hotels and holiday destinations for adults only – as this provides a more romantic atmosphere.

The research was commissioned by, which also released data showing that searches for adult trips in September are 1,170% higher than family holidays.

And the top destinations for the autumn months include staycation hotspots such as London, York, and Edinburgh – while, further afield, child-free adults search for breaks in New York, Paris, or Barcelona.

A spokesman for the hotel booking website said: “The research found that 40% of DINKs regularly spend their hard-earned disposable income on travel.

“So, it’s not surprising to see so many child-free adults choosing to travel and find their perfect somewhere once everyone else’s kids are back in school.

“Not only can travelling during summer holidays cost more, you also have to put up with children on your trip, which not every adult wants to do. And of course, some people prefer the slightly cooler weather in September.”

Aside from complaints about children, 27% of those polled simply prefer the slightly cooler weather of holidaying in autumn – with one in five DINKs citing a city trip as their top preference, according to the data.

Internal data, from Expedia, has also revealed the trending destinations for 2023’s “Shoulder Season” – with British holidaymakers opting for sunny climes, as searches for the ever-popular Algarve up almost 40% year-on-year.

And Ibiza, known for its mass summer appeal, is still bringing in the crowds in September, with searches up more than 25% compared to last September.

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But the battle for Spanish sun this autumn has a new contender, as Malaga’s appeal is skyrocketing – with searches up 40% in September, compared to 2022.

Meanwhile, Tenerife is the King of the Canaries, with searches for September and October double those of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria combined, and up over 25% compared to 2022.

Paris and Amsterdam top the list of European city breaks seeing a spike this “shoulder season” – with Paris up 35% year-on-year for September, and Amsterdam up 70% for October.

Lisbon is another trending European city climbing the charts, up 40% year-on-year. And elsewhere in the world, New York is up 25%.

But it is not just sun-seekers heading to Europe this Autumn – with UK rugby fans flocking to France for the upcoming international tournament.

Data from Vrbo shows a 115% increase in demand for the French destinations hosting games this September and October, compared to last year.

Expedia’s spokesman added: “We know from our trending destinations data that there are endless reasons for autumnal travel – whether you’re travelling for a sporting event, to avoid kids hogging the pool, or simply to hunt for that shoulder season sun.

“Whatever the reason, September and October are perfect months to get away that won’t break the bank.”

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