Couple say holiday was ‘ruined’ after encounter with starving puppy

A couple claim their expensive holiday was “ruined” after they met a starving puppy while abroad.

Cassie Fialho, 27, from Lancashire, jet off to Antalya in Turkey with her fiancé on June 23

But, the Mirror reports that just a few days into their romantic trip they found a stray dog begging on Konyaaiti beach for bits of food.

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The underweight black Labrador seemed to be in poor health and had an infected ear, but tourists chased it away from their tables.

Animal lover Cassie took the pooch into her care and played with the puppy giving it food and water in the shade.

The holidaymaker named the animal Nala after the Lion King.

Cassie toldLiverpool ECHO: "It literally ruined our holiday because I was just crying for three days solid as I didn't want to leave her."

The young woman claims she "couldn't sleep at night" thinking of Nala.

She would return to the same spot each day to look after the pup and discovered from bar staff that she was without a home.

Nala would beg for food every day and had done so for months on the beach.

Cassie said: "The thing that really bothered me is thinking about what would happen when all the beach bars closed, because that’s where she'd go every day for her food.

"The animals in Turkey often go around in packs but she was completely on her own with no mum or siblings.

"I was worried that she was going to have something bad happen to her and that she wouldn't survive winter."

The determined young woman reached out to animal rescue centres in the area.

And, on the last day of the holiday, Hunters House, a Turkish organisation that fosters and rehomes dogs in the UK, offered to come and get Nala from the beach, if Cassie could restrain her.

Just an hour before they needed to leave, Cassie and her fiancé headed to the beach to look for the dog.

Cassie explained: "It was me who was more emotional about the dog but she clearly stole my fiance’s heart as well because he said: 'Let's just go to the beach and see what happens. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be."

"We managed to get her and put a harness and lead on her and the bar staff at RedRujj agreed to keep her there overnight.

"We literally got back to our hotel with 15 minutes to spare before the taxi came to pick us up for the airport. It was like a proper little love story."

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Now, the duo are in the process of bringing Nala to the UK where she will live with them and their other dog.

In the meantime, the lab is staying in a temporary foster home in Turkey where she’s being socialised, tested and having immunisations.

Nala was revealed to be just three to four months old.

"We've got to wait for her to get a health certificate and a pet passport but we're hoping that she can come over by October," Cassie says.

They have already forked out more than £400 in vet fees and haveset up a GoFundMeto cover the cost of bringing Nala to the UK.


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